Reasons Why Your Home Hasn't Sold Yet

There could be any number of reasons why your home has not sold including condition, curb appeal and staging. For guidance on these issues, check out these pages on the website. But all of these factors assume that you are actually getting interested buyers and agents looking at your home. If that is not the case, then the problem may be your listing agent and their track record, pricing strategy or marketing tactics. To help you evaluate your current agent’s performance and qualifications, use these tools to compare with Grant Team Properties RE/MAX Elite.

Compare Grant Team Properties' Success With Average Market Statistics


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Average for Vince Grant

  Average Number Of Sales Per Year



  Average Days of Market



  Percent Of Homes Listed That Sell



  List Price to Sale Price Ratio



  Percent Of Homes That Go Under Contract That Close   



How Was Your Pricing Established?

If your home was priced too high, buyers and their agents are unlikely to give it a second look. (Check out our guide on Why Do Some Real Estate Agents Take Overpriced Listings?) If the price is too low, that may also raise suspicions and send potential prospects elsewhere. 

If you’d like to revisit the pricing process with us, we will educate you on these important factors and points of comparison:

  • Nearby listings that are under contract or sold
  • Comparable properties by street and neighborhood
  • Comparable features including number of bedrooms, kitchen and bath condition, lot size, garage and more
  • Age and style of home

Ultimately, you may need to re-price your home to attract more buyers while preserving equity so you can move on.

Did The Marketing Process Produce Results?

There is only one way to judge the performance of your agent’s marketing – did you have showings? Generally, the success is not the result of one thing but many. To evaluate the marketing of your home, compare the steps your agent took to The Grant Team Properties marketing plan