How To Avoid The Biggest Home-Selling Mistakes

Don't Lose Precious Time & Potential Profit On Your Bothell Sale

Beware! Making even one of these strategic errors can cost you thousands of dollars & months of time. Follow these suggestions to save priceless time and lost money while others are selling their homes.

Mistake #1: Your Home Is Not Market Ready Or Staged Properly

If your home is not in pristine condition, buyers are going to recognize it right from the curb and drive on. Now is the time to fix up, clean up, straighten up and dress up everywhere you possibly can. For immediate return on your investment of time and money, be sure to read our guide to 10 Smart Improvements To Make Before Listing Your Home

Mistake #2: Your Home Is Marketed All Wrong

It's not one thing that gets your home sold ? it's everything, working together in synchronized harmony. Like quality photographs showcasing your property in the MLS. Exposure all over the Internet. And quality marketing inside the home when buyers are primed for presentation. Be sure to study our Marketing Plan.

For a complete list of the things to do to prepare your home for showings, please just contact me via the “Questions? Just Ask!” box on the right.